Located on Tolentine's campus there are various educational and social service programs that serve the local community. Below you will find a short description and contact information:
1, St. Dominic's Therapeutic Preschool at 2340 Andrews Ave. (718-365-7238) provides a variety of services based on the individual needs of the child.
2. St. Dominic's Home Community Based Services at 2341 University Ave. (718-584-4407) provides home based services to prevent separation of families, increase family stability and reduce the stressors that families face.
3. RAIN Tolentine Senior Center at 2345 University Ave. (718-933-3305) provides a daily lunch and recreational activities for seniors.
4. Tolentine Community Life Center at 2331 University Ave. (718-933-6935) is an
umbrella organization for the following services:
a. Day Care & Universal Pre-K
b. Food Pantry (718-220-2842) on Wednesday mornings in Fr. Smith Center
c. St. Rita's Center for Immigration & Refugee Services at 2342 Andrews Ave.
5. Tolentine Head Start at 2331 University Ave. (718-364-7608) offers educational
programs for children 3 to 5 years old and a wide variety of opportunities and support for
their parents.
6. New York Center for Child Development at 2336 Andrews Ave. (718-561-5300)
offers highly individualized, state of the art educational and therapeutic services for children
with special needs and other developmental challenges (birth - 5). (do not call school)
We are affiliated with the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition.  We are also the site of many social concerns such as a senior citizen program, day care, food pantry and youth services as well as immigration advocacy all through the auspices of the Tolentine-Zeiser Community Life Center

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